Nunnauuni - Fireplaces, an experience of true warmth

As the main representative of Nunnauuni stoves we provide competent consultation and professional installations. The Nunnauuni-Fireplaces are the ideal heat storage systems and are therefore ideally suited for room heating. As they are independent from other energy sources, they are a reliable heat source. The different types from Nunnauuni include storage heaters, storage heaters with backing chamber and stoves. 
According to their daily useful heat, the Nunnauuni-Fireplaces can be distinguished into three different heat catagories; fireplaces can thereby ideally be fitted to your personal home assuring an optimal heating output.  


Heat-Storing Fireplaces

The cosy warmth of the Nunnauuni-fireplaces spreads the entire home like the rays of the sun, and it surrounds the owner of the fireplace with its warmth.

A Nunnauuni-fireplace does not warm up the air, but the surface the heat rays hit.

This immediately affects the quality of the room air. 

Studies have shown that sun rays as well as radiated heat - both have similar wave lengths - have a positive impact on health.


Injectors / Half Storage Heaters


The new generation soapstone ovens are unique and environmental friendly. The soapstone within is a powerfull core, heating your home very effectively. The unique, repeatedly checked storage technique combined with a clean burning guarantees a nice bright flame. The Mammutti-soapstone regulates the heat emission and ensures an even distribution of the heat throughout the day, even with low outdoor temperatures. The new stove generation from Nunnauuni is exceptionally compact and its external form can be adapted to your style of living.

The injector chimney with its innovative storage technique is particularly safe.